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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Dangerous Minds March 11th to March 18th

REALLY busy week at Dangerous Minds as Richard and Marc were away reporting on SXSW and Tara was organising a DM party back in LA. That left me and Paul Gallagher to man the barricades, and I gotta say we did a pretty good job! :)

Even better than the real thing - Madonna meets the Bad Trip Lady
Kubrick's cover story: the double narratives and hidden meanings of '2001'
It's 'Adam & Eve' not 'Ben & Jerry' - ice cream giant support gay marriage with new flavor
Exclusive: Frank Quitely celebrates Moebius
Charlie Brooker on Invisible Children and 'Kony 2012'
Guest editorial by L: One woman's story of transphobic abuse in Russia and Sweden
'Ass Fudge' - worst product labeling ever?
The exact moment he became gay
Ninety minutes of the Divine David
Christeene: an exclusive interview with the legendary drag terrorist

Big thanks to Paul for posting the above interview with Christeene, which arrived in my inbox just as we were setting off for Whitby!

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