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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Rock'n'Shock 6 at Stereo

Rock and Shock was a blast this year - even though it had the most full line up of any of the R'n'S parties it ran very smoothly and there were no scheduling or performance disasters. Result! We held it in Stereo and managed to make the place actually look great considering the size of the venue and the limited ammount of decor we had. Thank Satan for fake cobwebbing. And big up to Kepa for his excellent work with said webs, and to Andrew McLoughlin for work in general. Here's some choice photos:

The Evil Eye in action

Guess who?


The REAL Evil Eye

Fancy Dress winner - he hobbled around all evening!


Ali Renault as Count Grishnack

Needless to say the music was great this year, it's one of the best linups we've put on at all, not just Halloween. Here's a list of the people who played and their mysapce for you to listen to:
WARLOCK: www.myspace.com/warlockdj
JOE HART www.myspace.com/systemalive
SCRABBLE SOUNDSYSTEM www.myspace.com/scrabbleyermaw
ALI RENAULT www.myspace.com/alirenault
FANGS www.myspace.com/fangsfangsfangs
THE EVIL EYE www.myspace.com/thevileye

See you next year!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

FRANK QUITELY Rock'n'Shock Poster

More beautiful art for you from a good friend of ours - comic book neo-legend Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman, Batman & Robin, We3) who was kind enough to design this seriously bad ass poster for our annual Halloween fest this year. There'll be a longer post about that gig soon, but for now marvel at the glory - oh and I did the lettering mind!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lola Dupré


I bought a piece of art this year, the first in a long time, it was framed and everything! Like REAL ART!

It's by a local artist called Lola Dupré. All the art is handmade collage, made out of very small pieces of paper, and sometimes with multiple copies of the source image. Mine is a combination of 16th century portraits and details from Grey's Anatomy. I think she has a very bright future - seriously, check out her blog (wastedlola.blogspot.com) it's SO good! Here's another just to tempt you, I think you'll agree its pretty amazing...