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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

DIVORCE Juice of Youth (Niallist Roots Mixx)

Well, this has taken what feels like fuckin ages, but finally it's finished! It's my remix of ace Glasgow post-thrashers DIVORCE's "Juice Of Youth". It's pretty mental this mix - taking in as it does ambient noise, breakcore and reggae. This should be appearing soon on the Divorce Blog as part of a free remix EP, along with mixes from Dolby Anol and Cereal.

DIVORCE Juice Of Youth (Niallist Roots Mixx) by theniallist

More DIVORCE news and music at their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/puredivorced

Monday, 22 March 2010

Little Rock on Last FM Part 2

Cross posted from Shallow Rave

Well we've been putting more of the Little Rock back catalogue on Last FM - here are the latest goodies you can hear over there.

THE EVIL EYE Chateau Of Doom OST

THE EVIL EYE Carnival Of Souls / They're Coming...

THE EVIL EYE Shogun Assassin

THE GREEN SHROUD Tequila Sunset / Dark & Stormy

That takes our tally on Last FM up to 22 releases - not bad - only another 38 left!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Rock The Shop Video

Happy Belated Patrock's Day everyone! I've been back in Ireland for a few days, I have managed to kill 3 birds with 1 stone - Mother's Day, Paddy's Day and Linkwood playing for It's Music in Cork. Sweet!

Here's a video we shot last year as a co-pro between me and Ce Camille. It's my first ever video and the feedback has been great so far. The song is about Che Camille, and the video was made there too. There's a lot models in it and a load of pals too - it was great fun making it. So check check check it out...

Rock the Shop - The Niallist from Che Camille on Vimeo.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Optimo 1997-2010

Well, it had to happen someday, and today was that day. It's been announced that the Glasgow/UK club/institution Optimo (Espacio) will be no more as of Sunday April 25th.

It's pretty much dominated clubbing in this town for the last decade, and the Optimo DJs have been hugely influential on the global techno/electro scene. I feel privileged to have played Optimo, and without a doubt the crowd have been the best crowd I have performed to. The atmosphere is electric and you can hear it on the live recordings - it makes up the somewhat shonky musicianship on our part, that's for sure! We've already put out the recording of my show from January 2009 (below) - check out "Work It" and you'll hear the wicked crowd I'm writing about. We have the tapes of the performance at Hogmanay just passed which will probably come out some time soon too. I love this picture of them (them being the Optimo djs Twitch & Wilkes):

Well, there are 7 Optimos left - I won't be able to make all of them but you'll be seein me at the ones I can!

For the full low down, here's the statement they issued:

"The end is nigh….

After 12 and a half years (or around 650 Optimos), we have, after a huge amount of consideration and many sleepless nights decided that Sunday April 25th will be the LAST EVER night of Optimo (Espacio) at The Sub Club.

We have loved doing Optimo with all our hearts, but our hearts are also telling us it is time to call a halt to it. Playing at, organising and promoting a weekly night takes up an enormous amount of energy and there are so many other things we want to do that some of that energy is needed for our other projects. We also need to get our lives and weeks back a little bit and take on new challenges and opportunities (we have to turn down an awful lot of opportunities by being committed to being in Glasgow every Sunday and being wiped out every Monday).

We will continue to tour, promote and release music as Optimo but it will no longer be possible to hear JD Twitch and JG Wilkes dj at The Sub Club every Sunday night.

However, it is not completely over. Twitch played at the Sub Club on Sunday nights for two years before Optimo started and was involved in a Sunday evening club for a few years before that, so it is hard to let go of Sunday night events in Glasgow completely. Twitch and Wilkes will continue to promote Sunday nights at The Sub Club under an as yet to be announced name. The new night will give a platform to the plethora of great djs in Glasgow, bring djs we love to Glasgow and bring live acts nobody else would bring to this city. Sometimes Twitch or Wilkes will play alongside them and sometimes Twitch and Wilkes may play together on a Sunday night but, without Twitch and Wilkes playing together weekly, it won't and can't be Optimo.

Who know what this new venture will morph into but whatever, we hope that the anarchic spirit we brought to the Sub Club in 1997 will continue to prevail on Sunday nights.

So, there are 7 Optimos left. Hopefully we will see some of you before the end. We absolutely intend to go out with a bang.

It's not over until the fat lady sings.....

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

We Heart Hard Ton (Disco Queen)

Ladies and Gentlemen meet HARD TON:

Yeah, I'm thinkin there's a few people on my friends list who will sit up and take notice at this! Hard Ton is from Italy and makes music - electro/disco/techno music to be more precise. Hard Ton has put out two 12"s on Dissident, and seeing as we have that (and more) in common, we've decided to work on a track together. Sweet as! The latest Hard Ton single "Selfish" is out on Gigolo Records on March 15th, and here's the video for the b-side "Earthquake":

You can hear (and see) more at: http://www.myspace.com/hardtondiscoqueen

Monday, 8 March 2010

Little Rock on Last FM Part 1

Cross posted from Shallow Rave.

We've been uploading some of our more recent releases to Last FM lately, as we haven't updated there in a while. Here's what's been going up there afresh:


(yeah we killed it as a download but we still want people to hear it)

MentalEYES Split EP

Fox Gut Daata / Louts Split EP

Sycamore Drive "Lifelines"

More coming soon...

Saturday, 6 March 2010

House Machine "A.C./I.D." 12" Launch Party - the nicht!

Cross posted from Shallow Rave


Just a little reminder, as we know you love being reminded - tomorrow Sat 6th of March sees the launch party for the first ever Little Rock 12" release "A.C./I.D." by House Machine, at the Black Sparrow here in Glasgow. More info on the party can be found at both of these fine locations:


Resident Advisor

As a special preview to the morra's shenanigans, we got Line Idle to do us a special guest mix of the kind of thing he's gonna play. It's up now on Radio Magnetic (http://radiomagnetic.com/shows/little-rock/wed-like-to-take-you-back/) and here's the track list:

Intro (Asylum Seekers – It’s up to you)
101 Force - Acid Under – Breakin Records
Marcus Mixx - Shake That Thing (Marco Passarani mix) – Clone Records
Wee Papa Girl Rappers – We Know It (Hook Up Tunes – Total S Mix) – Jive
Jody ‘Fingers’ Finch – Jack Your Big Booty (BHQ No Acid Vocal) – Let’s Pet Puppies
Diskokaine presents Trans Mania – Boing Boom Jack – Gomma
Mike Dunn – Set Me Free (Secret Mixes & Fixes edit) – Clone
Paris Grey – Don’t Lead Me - Future Sound R&R
Psyche – Neurotic Behaviour (Hook Up Tunes edit) – Planet E
Mantra - The Second Age (Side A Track 2) – Clone
33 1/3 Queen – Searchin’ (Hot edit) – Clone
Soundstream – Freakin – Wagram
Prince – Controversy (Secret Mixes & Fixes edit) – Clone
EDMX & Chris Moss – Bang The Gong – WeMe
Steve Poindexter - Computer Madness – Square Root
Like A Tim – Like 6 (Side A Track 2) – Like Records
House Machine – AC/ID – Little Rock Records
Ricochet - Work It – RZ Records
Mr White - The Sun Can’t Compare – Alleviated Records
Outro (Like A Tim – Zilver)

Remember, there will also be Dj action from Monsieur De Large (Inner City Acid), Team Little Rock, and a live performance by the House Machine itself. And the best part is - it's FREE. See you there!

** The above picture is of a Roland TB303 fridge magnet. For more info click here.

Friday, 5 March 2010

HOUSE MACHINE / LINE IDLE on Radio Magnetic "Live Circuit"

I've got a live set up for stream or download on Radio Magnetic's "Live Circuit" page. It's a House Machine set mind, not a Niallist set - that means classic, simple, jackin, Chicago house sounds made by me and my two Grooveboxes.
The other half of the set is by the awesome LINE IDLE aka Aleks aka Julius Seizure aka my main production partner. His set is more bangin and synthy than mine. Both were recorded at the same time, at the MacSroley's Music Bar relaunch last November.
To stream the sets visit: http://radiomagnetic.com/main-features/house-machine-and-line-idl/ or to download it click: http://radiomagnetic.com/podcasts/special/100303niallist_lineidle_64m.mp3

All in all good bangs for your buck!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


The next release I've got coming up after A.C./I.D. is an "I Came" remix package, on twelve inch, sometime near the end of May. And the first remix is in! It's a sublime dubstep take by Edinburger lad-done-good DFRNT called the Still Coming mix. It's wicked, and his website is well worth a look too, there's a bunch of great downloads there.

I Came (DFRNT Still Coming Remix) by theniallist