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Friday, 30 July 2010

I CAME MIXTAPE free download

Xpost form Shallow Rave - and yeah, I can't be arsed changing it back to first person.

Part 2 of Little Rock's 3rd birthday celebrations sees the Niallist drop his "I Came" mixtape.

"I Came" is the lead track on the upcoming "Lust, Caution" EP, and will be getting a full 12" release on Little Rock with remixes from the Niallist, DFRNT and Brassica. This 20 minute tape features both the male and female vocal versions, live recordings from Optimo (Espacio) and BBC radio, guest MC spots from Shunda K (Yo Majesty), Rel$ (Nail In The Coffin) & Cindy Wondeful (Scream Club) and an exclusive remix by Human Shield's Gold Blood. You can listen and download it through Soundcloud:

I CAME Mixtape by theniallist

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

DEPARTURES EP free download

Xpost from Shallow Rave.

The third and final installment in our third birthday music giveaway is here - the four track "Departures" EP. Featuring a track each from the core team at Little Rock, this is some straight-up, no-bullshit, dancefloor-aimed action.

So you get some glitch-house from Dalai Dahmer, some shuffle-techno from Line Idle, a bit of swung minimalism from Kid Ritalin and an afro-funk groove from the Two Two Kru (aka The Niallist).

The EP can be downloaded from this link:

Big thanks to Peter Collins for the lovely artwork. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

FUCKNO EP free download

Xpost from Shallow Rave.

It's our 3rd birthday here at Little Rock, so to celebrate we have a few freebies coming your way over the next week. First up is the FUCKNO EP - featuring new tracks by 7 of the acts featured on the FUCKNO LP (still available to download). In keeping with the spirit of NORAVE the tracks veer from post-crunk to delicate ambient, from noise-hop to torch song to a bizarre afro-rock-house jam to end it all. All tracks are at 320Mb and the whole thing clocks in at 49 minutes. Total artronica. Go get:


BLOOD OF THE BULL - The Saxophonist
DR NOJOKE - Sublimacy (Instrumental)
HANNAS BARBER - Cloud Mountain
HARLEQUINADE (ft gungwho, asthmatic astronaut, eaters, kobra audio labs, paul keene, mo-seph, texture + tickle) - Bootlegs & Besides
MINUS TWO QUARTET - Untitled (full length version)

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I made a FUCKNO gif today using the logo and a lot of the pixelate filter. We will be releasing the FUCKNO EP follow up to the album as part of our third birthday this month, with music from Blood Of The Bull, Dam Mantle, Dr Nojoke, Hannas Barber, Harlequinade, Kodama Norihito and Minus Two Quartet. Stay tuned!

FUCKNO the album is still available, featuring music form the above acts and 24 more. Get it from:

Friday, 23 July 2010

Even more Pride pics.

This time form behind the scenes at Che Camille. This was the last ever day of public trading by Camille in this space on the top floor of Argyle Arcade, before her move to the Barras.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

More Pride pics

Well, as you might have been able to tell, HyperPride was on the same day as actual Glasgow Pride, even though we had nothing to do with it. We did go down to George's Square in the afternoon to do a fake religious picket and hand out flyers though, which is where these pics are from. It ws a good laugh having that many poofs together in public, it's just a pity the entertainment laid on was so dire.

One of our placcards:

Me and Kid Zipper:

The girls of Lock Up Your Daughters:


FINALLY! Pictures are back from Saturday night - here's some of me, in my new pseudo-leather look, performing at the Flying Duck, and performing with the lovely Gazelle. All photos by Alephnaught.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Ben Butler & Mousepad "Future Tent" Remix EP Free Download.

Get it from Bandcamp: http://benbutlerandmousepad.bandcamp.com/album/future-tent-remixes

7 tracks, all remixes of "Future Tent", including mixes by myself, Sun Papa, Genuine Guy, oMMM, Splash Wave, Tangles and Thunderous Mountain. All available for absolutely nish. So there. Go and grab it...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Vauxhall is Gurning 2010

Horse Meat Disco's annual festival of shade and fierceness (aka the Vogue Ball) took place in London the weekend before last, and it was maje too. Menergy was in the house, there was a live PA by our favourite Hard Ton, and Glasgow even walked with Miss Chris from the House of La Vrai Beauté getting her banana out on the catwalk. Here's a video of the night, and stay tuned for news of a Vogue Ball in Glasgow pretty soon...

VAUXHALL IS GURNING 2010 by Chrissy Darling from Chrissy Darling on Vimeo.

And here are some backstage photos taken by Miss Chris herself.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

When You're Strainge - A film about the Doors

I went to see "When You're Strange" last night, the documentary about the rise and fall of the Doors by director Tom DiCillo. It's an odd film, not so much for content or tone, but just for general purpose. And here's my review. First some background...

The Doors were my first true musical love. Sure, other things pricked my ears as a child, like Prince, The Stone Roses, PSB, G'n'R, and S'Express, but at the time of the release of Oliver Stone's "The Doors" biopic I became obsessed. I guess the timing was right - puberty had just hit, I had developed an interest in 60's culture thanks to the rave scene, I wanted to expand my musical horizons, and no-one else seemed to know who they were. I guess having a sudden access to this treasure trove of music and myth through magazine features, TV spots and the film itself helped. I bought all their albums, two live sets and even An American Prayer (Morrison's solo album of spoken-word/poetry). I had posters on my wall, t-shirts, I scribbled the distinctive logo everywhere I could, I even visited Morrison's grave at the Pere Lachaise cemetary in Paris while on a language exchange.

Of course, it goes without saying that the Doors, and Morrison in particular, are one of the archtypal "adolescent" bands. Get in to them as a teen, give them a few years, and then cringe at the poor quality of some of his supposed "poetry" and attitudes once you have grown up and learned a little. At the tail end of my obsession I discovered a ratty, falling apart copy of Danny Sugerman's book "No One Here Gets Out Alive" in one of my school's classrooms. It's an amazing read, filled as it is with true life tales of Morrison's genuinely reprehensible behaviour, but it leaves a bad taste, particularly about Morrison the man as opposed to the myth. Then of course there's Stone's film - pretty mind blowing when you're thirteen but an absolute crock once you enter your twenties. So, what about "When You're Strange"?

At it's core the film is admirable, using as it does only archive footage from the period with no re-enactments and no extraneous narrative elements imposed, save for Johnny Depp's spare voice over. But the main problem is: what exactly does this film have to offer? And who is it aimed at? There is absolutely no new knowledge to be had here for fans of the band - in fact, there's even less than what I was expecting, with practically no mention of Morrison's legendary libido and the scrapes it got him in (in fact his wife Pamela is mentioned twice in 90 minutes!), and precious little of the mystic side of the man that made him so attractive to the hippie generation and beyond.

Personally, I get the feeling this was only made as a riposte to Stone's Doors movie, as the band themselves very famously and publically hated that 1991 picture. And I guess it may serve that purpose well, it might become the official starting point or beginers guide for anyone interested in getting into the Doors. Unfortunately though that means that it never really transcends its made-for-TV roots (even with the world's highest paid actor doing the voice-over) and even then, VH1 or MTV would insert interviews with some of the key band members/personnel. Large gaps appear in the story, and bizarrely the chronolgy skips back and forth for no reason. One minute the band have released "Touch Me" (December 68), the next it's the "Miami incident" (March 68) - later on the band have just released the "Morrison Hotel" LP (1970), and the next man is walking on the moon. Hunh?!

This film is not completely without merit though. Some of the archive footage is immense, and yes, there is lots of footage here that I had never previously seen on any of the videos I trawled through in the early 90s. Of course, the soundtrack is amazing (reminding the viewer that behind the sometimes embarassing Morrison were three of the best players pop has ever known, who managed to fuse their different styles into an exciting, fresh, and coherent whole), and the live performance footage is stunning, particularly the first time the band play "The End" at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, and when they play it again as an elongated blues jam at the Isle Of White Festival. Mick Jagger may have been the first "front-man" of the 60's, but Jim Morrison was better, perhaps the best of all time, and the mid Sixites footage reminds the viewer how stunningly beautiful he was in his prime. But even with all this great footage, it just got me thinking how many damn cameras were around this band all of the time? And how much of Morrison's act was simply to play up to those cameras? He was originally a film student, after all.

This film is worth watching if you don't know anything about the band at all (watch this before you watch Oliver Stone's film, and after you have seen that go read "No One Here Gets Out Alive" to see what he left out) but for the hardcore fan there's not much to learn here. Except maybe to have the fires of youth rekindled again - yeah I haven't really listened to the Doors much since I was about 18, but I think I sense a revival coming right back on my stereo...

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Men & Machines, Sat July 31st

Got another gig in Glasgow at the end of this month, with Men And Machines. I'm thinking it will be more House Machine-y than Niallistic.

Here's the Facebok event page - http://www.facebook.com/theniallist#!/event.php?eid=126671854029217 - let us know if you wanna come along...

Friday, 2 July 2010

Fuc51 guest article.

Xpost from Shallow Rave.

I've just had a guest article published on the Manchester blog Fuc51, about the differences between the music scenes in Manchester and Glasgow (as I see them).

Fuc is a great blog, ruthlessly taking the piss out of the current "The Hacienda was amazing!"/"Aren't The Stone Roses brilliant?"/"We love Joy Division we do!"-type revivalism prevalent in the city, and in particular the London-based media. Suffice to say that Peter Hook is NOT a fan.

The article is here: http://fuc51.blogspot.com/2010/07/manchester-versus-glasgow.html and you gotta love that pic they've put with it!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

AKA LP set on Soundcloud

Soundcloud FTW!

I've started uploading the finished tracks from my forthcoming LP to Soundcloud for folks to hear. There's 7 tracks already, with guests Ali Renault, Ben Butler & Mousepad, Ms Mac D, MCs Lester Greene & Tori Fixx, and my new girl group project Mother Superior. Have a listen:

AKA LP 2010 by theniallist