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Thursday, 31 December 2009


I posted about this gig already, and I mentioned that it was recorded. So here it is! The release is available as a free download from Little Rock, linked below. We played as a four piece band (me, Aleks, Brad on guitar and Bundy on bass) and I thought it sounded pretty good. I LOVE the bit where the woman in the audience gets the lyrics right on Work It! Here's what's on the EP:

1. I Came
2. Work It
3. The New Wave
4. The Hots
5. Come & Get It
6. Remember
7. Walk The Night

Download it from: http://www.littlerockrecords.com/releases/Lil053_TheNiallist_OptimoLive.zip

It's been pretty awesome to play the very first AND the very last Optimo Espacios of 2009. It's made my year in fact. Thanks to Keith & Jonnie and all the Optimo crew! And see you at the Old Fruitmarket on December 31st...

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Yep, after slaying Optimo in January this year (more on that later) I have been asked back to perform at the Optimo Hogmanay (New Year's Eve) "End of the Naughties" Party. Result! Me and Aleks have been rehearsing the set already, it's gonna be a very dancey synth-pop/techno set, and Aleks is thinking about dressing up as Vince Clarke. Here's the poster (the best quality image I could find!):

The bill is really impressive - all in all this party is gonna be a TOTAL BANGER! We will be playing in the bar area with the mighty Divorce, while all the other acts will be in the main auditorium bit that holds a couple of thousand, I reckon. If you're in Glasgow and thinking of going, I'd say get your tickets fast as they will sell out soon. If you wanna know more about the other acts here's some handy links:

OPTIMO: http://www.optimo.co.uk
HUDSON MOHAWKE: http://www.myspace.com/hudsonmo
DRUMS OF DEATH: http://www.myspace.com/drumsofdeath4eva
DIVORCE: http://www.myspace.com/puredivorced

Monday, 7 December 2009

Ultimate Thrush at Optimo!

Thrash dance! Straight after the Cry Parrot Xmas party we all went down to Optimo to see the best band in Glasgow tear the roof off the best club in Glasgow. They didn't disappoint! The mosh pit was mighty, and Twitch said Optimo and the Sub Club had never seen a pit like it before. It ended in a huge pile on, which I refrained from taking part in to save folk from injury. Here's a clip of the madness:

For more info on Ultimate Thrush, and the link to their free ten track album, please refer back to this post: http://the-niallist.livejournal.com/141520.html

Sunday, 6 December 2009


On the 6th of December I did a live set for the Cry Parrot Xmas party, at the intimate basement venue the Black Sparrow, a show which was headlined by this dude HAWNAY TROOF.

His show was excellent, he's a real firecracker with a lot of energy, a nice line in Prince knock-off attire, and some excellent shoes. I managed to get a few of his CDs too, which don't disappoint either. It's slightly Beastie Boys, but Beastie Boys if they had bothered to keep up with modern music and not get lost in some dusty crates somewhere. So there's bits of booty bass in there, as well as a sprinkling of disco dust, and some shouting on top. He's now on tour with Peaches I believe, man that will be some show. If he comes to your town, I recommend you check Hawnay Troof out! Oh yeah and I almost forgot to mention, that's not his real name - his real name is Vice Cooler. So there.

DREAM ON Mixtape

I have made a new mixtape for your aural delectation. Consider it an early Christmas present!

It's called "Dream On" and all the tracks have a very dreamy/psychedelic ambience. It's mostly modern and vintage electronica, with a splash of psyche-pop for good measure. And in case you are wondering, it's called a "mixtape" as opposed to a "mix" because no actual blending of two tunes happens, which to me is what defines a "mix". I hope you like it!

You can download it from here: http://www.littlerockrecords.com/promo/DREAMONMixtape.zip

And here is the tracklisting:

TODD RUNDGREN - International Feel
TODD RUNDGREN - Never Never Land
FRANZ FERDINAND - Ulysses (FoxGut Reshuffle)
BRUCE HAACK - National Anthem To The Moon
NITE JEWEL - Kamera Songs
EYES - Clown Lady
LOUTS - The Bubbles
THE BEACH BOYS - Fall Breaks and Back To Winter
DAFT PUNK - Night Vision
JOHN MAUS - Do Your Best
DESIRE - Under Your Spell
FLEET FOXES - He Doesn't Know Why

Saturday, 5 December 2009


*EDIT* I wasn't going to post this today but then I realised it was Santa hat day so here it is:

Last Thursday I dressed up as Santa for the Che Camille Christmas party, which was fun if a bit tiring. They had a grotto and an elf all done up for me, and various people came over during the evening to sit on my knee and have their photo taken. I believe some of the ladies even found Santa oddly attractive! Those photos aren't online yet, but there's a review of the evening over at Style Scanner: