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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Niallist interviewed on Soundblab!

Extra extra! Read all about it!

Manchester-based music maker Niall O'Conghaile, who goes by the tag of The Niallist, has made what may very well be the party album of the year with AKA, a collection of old-school hip hop and acid house work outs featuring the likes of Beth Ditto, Scream Club and Yo Majesty. Fiercely out 'n' proud, Niall's lived the kind of hip life that would make you green with envy if his music wasn't so irresistibly damn good. From hanging out with Franz Ferdinand in Glasgow to supporting MEN in Manchester, Niall's got some stories to tell but what comes across most is his love of music, his encyclopedic knowledge of its history and his unfailing belief in its power to shift hearts, minds and booties. Soundblab collared him for a chinwag about parties, politics and zombie pride.

Read the rest here.

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