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Friday, 14 October 2011

Apple Juice for Father

My dad has been very seriously ill the past week, which has been quite stressful. Who knew that standing around in hospitals waiting for news could be just so draining? At first my mum thought he had food poisoning, which started last Friday, but by Sunday it was obvious something was seriously wrong. Turns out he had an anti-biotic-resistant ecoli infection in his bladder which spread to his kidneys. It was touch and go for a few days, but after changing his drugs and giving him some new blood he has thankfully been recovering. It's been strange seeing my father so weak and vulnerable, but we know he's making a return to good health when starts asking for apple juice - not any old apple juice mind, it HAS to be the one he routinely drinks every morning and buys in SuperValu. Ah, his good old crotchety, pernickety self! After going on a mission to buy him his favourite juice, we couldn't work out which one he meant specifically, so we bought one of each type SuperValu stocks. Hence the awesome picture of my mum above, taken by my sister in law. I love my family!!

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