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Monday, 20 June 2011

Motor Club @ Islington Mill, Friday June 3rd

The other week I was asked, last minute style, to fill in for Punk Bunny at Motor Club at the Islington Mill, after Punk Bunny and Black Barbie were denied access to the UK by border controls. Motor Club is a new Manchester-based alt-queer party by the promoter's of Liverpool's fabelhaft Chew Disco. It was awesome, and I got to debut a new leather daddy-meets-Prince look in front of a very up-for-it crowd. Also on the bill were our mates the Bad Taste Barbies, the awesome Penelope, Dirtblonde and Severin. Here are some pics, which came out not too shoddy:

Here's some more awesome pics, all by the photographer Pete McConnell:

Kurt Dirt of the Bad Taste Barbies:


The excellent Penelope:

The Bad Taste Barbies in action:

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