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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Jilted Joyce's Big Fat Gypsy Wedding Reception

Come celebrate the Royal Wedding - IN STYLE! On Friday April 29th, the day Kate and Wills tie the knot, Growler and Niallist will taking part in the Islington Mill's Off With Their Heads with a special Gypsy Wedding Reception. Joyce D'Vision has been jilted at the altar! But fuck it - she's been to Iceland and she'll be damned if she lets all those offers go to waste. So those nice people at Off With Their Heads are letting Joyce have her cake - and eat it too.

There will be a live Joyce performance, a grab-off, a food fight, crazy dresses, a cast of characters including mother of the bride, sleazy wedding singer, gypsy maid of honour, pervert priest and a big fat gay disco and more. At only £3 you'd have to be a right tinker to say no!

For more details check out the Facebook event page.

To find out about the Off With Their Heads event (including bands, food, and an attempt at breaking the record for the longest wedding trail!) go here.

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