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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fierce Ruling Divas Ball = Tranarchy in the UK!

Wow, the Menergy Fierce Ruling Divas Ball went better than I could have hoped! The atmosphere is electric, and even though it was quite chaotic, we pulled it off with aplomb. I mean, queens started walking without even being called first!! What is this world coming to? After a while I had to abandon the rule book and go with the flow - let the queens walk and announce them as they appeared. But the crowd loved it!

Overall winner Nigela Von Scrumptious was very popular, as was overall runner up Lady P (who actually had lights in her wig! Now THAT'S fierce!), and everyone who walked got a good cheer. Except from the judges, who threw down a whole world of shade. Eventually the crowd invaded the catwalk to celebrate the winners (see video below) before I had to go and literally throw them off to make room for our special guest Vanity Von Glow to do her thing. And she nailed it with much aplomb, possibly being the crowd favourite queen of the night. Kid Zipper played a blinder, followed by Graham Peel of Dolby Anol, and Jon Pleased Wimmin, who dragged up for the first time in ages. Big shouts to Camille and all at LVB for being great sports, and putting so much effort into making this happen. Next stop, Manchester!

And thanks to Marina Maclean, Michael James, April McArdle, Les Garcons De Glasgow, the Nicest Kid in Town and Attention to Detail for the pics. There's lots lots more over at www.menergy.tv.

Quite frankly, the Fierce Ruling Divas Ball was the party of the year. Even if I say so myself.

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