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Friday, 26 November 2010

BEN BUTLER & MOUSEPAD ft THE NIALLIST "Infinite Capacity (For Love)" OUT NOW

This just arrived by electronic mail today - the forthcoming EP by Ben Butler & Mousepad on LOAF Recordings, that features me singing on the lead track "Infinite Capacity (For Love)". Niiiice! The EP is out for digital download now, you can purchase a copy here.

BEN BUTLER & MOUSEPAD ft THE NIALLIST Infinite Capacity (For Love) by theniallist

There's a re-edit of the track from when we originally recorded it, way back in early 2009, by Dolby Anol that is excellent and not included in the EP. I can see why though, as it doesn't fit the overall sound. Here it is for you lot to download anyway.

Infinite Capacity (dolbyedit) by theniallist

What is included on the EP is the remix by Dam Mantle, as well as a remix by Fugelance. The Dam Mantle mix has been editted to fit the release, so here is his original full length remix for you lucky buggers as well:

Benbutlerandmousepadremix by theniallist

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