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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Niallist interview on Tranarchy for Crepescule

Crepescule is the in-house, online fanzine of the Manchester venue Night & Day, who will be hosting our Zoolander Derelicte Ball on Friday May 25th. In prep for the night, I did a short interview with the 'zine, answering questions about Tranarchy, Derelicte and the Manchester gay scene.

CREPUSCULE:What’s the ethos behind Tranarchy? It’s the one ‘queer night’ that seems to occur both inside and outside of The Viillage. 
NIALLIST: Tranarchy is essentially a party for people who feel excluded from mainstream culture (and mainstream gay culture) but who still like dressing up and showing off. In the immortal words of the original NY club kid James St James, “Got a hump on your back? Well, throw some glitter on it and come dancing!” That pretty much sums us up.

In that respect we do like to work within AND outside of what is considered the Manchester “gay scene”. There may be a lot wrong with it, but it’s important to remember that many, many cities don’t even have a “gay village”! Tranarchy is all about inclusion, not division.

CREPUSCULE: It’s becoming a hugely popular, trans-cultural monthly event. What is it that makes you have such broad appeal? Or is it just because it happens in Manchester?

NIALLIST: Hmm, that’s hard to answer - I don’t really want to analyse what we do that too closely in case it loses any of its magic! Maybe it’s got to do with our “inclusive” vibe? One thing I will say is that there is no one else doing what we do on the Manchester scene at the moment, so I guess we are filling a gap in the market. As for Manchester, it’s a great place to put on a night like this, as the crowd are into getting dressed up, but also not afraid of getting sweaty and dirty, getting drunk and dancing all night. 
CREPUSCULE: So, you’re doing a Zoolander themed party. How come no one already thought of this?

NIALLIST: Well, you’d be surprised at how many people have not seen it. It’s not quite reached the cult-comedy status of Austin Powers, but it is getting there. Plus the fact that it only came out 12 years ago means that it is only now old enough to start being thought of as “Cult” and “Classic”. But it’s important to remember that Zoolander is the film that essentially broke Will Ferrell and Owen Wilson, two of the most popular comedians of our time, into the mainstream.

Read it all here

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