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Friday, 6 April 2012

Niallist interviewed on Manhattanchester

An interview with me on Greg Thorpe's ace blog Manhattanchester!

Tell us three singles/albums/videos/artists that inspire you to do what you do:

1) Daft Punk, Homework

This was the record that made me think I could make music myself without having to rely on a band, I just needed to get some boxes and pump them up! Homework also acted as an amazing crash course in Chicago house, Detroit techno and New York disco. I think this album changed an entire generation's musical lives, and you can still hear its influence fifteen years later.

2) ...anything at all by Missy Elliot

Missy is such an inspiration – she's always pushing the envelope in visual and musical terms, while remaining accessible and unpretentious. To me Missy is the artist who represents that golden age a few years back when chart-topping pop music was genuinely bizarre. She's also representing for all the big peeps who consider themselves to be ‘freaks’!

Read more here:

WIll the real Niallist please step forward...

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