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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Andrew WK Glasgow circle pit

Joe and I were lucky enough to catch Andrew WK's "I Get Wet" 10th anniversary tour in Glasgow, and what an awesome gig it was! We'd waited out the Manchester gig because we knew we'd be too busy setting up the after party to really enjoy it. Thanksfully, we got booked to do a Joyce gig for the wonderful Croc v Croc folks in Glasgow the night Andrew was there, and Cherie Lily managed to get 4 of us in on the guest list. HALLELUJAH!

There was so much unbridled energy in that room it was unreal, but it was all overwhelmingly positive. Usually at metal and rock shows there's an edge to that energy that can turn nasty, but not with WK. Also, it was a treat to see this show with a Glasgow audience, one of the wildest in the land!

You can see the back of Me and Joe's bleached / bald heads bobbing around in the foreground of this video, underneath Andrew and in front of the camera person:

During "the song "I Get Wet" Andrew got the crowd to do a circel pit, which was pretty incredible. It was huge and most of the crowd got involved - we're talking 200-300 people easily:

What an incredible show. If you ever get the chance to catch Andrew WK live, then don't miss out!

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