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Friday, 30 September 2011

AND Fest and Chew Disco pres L.A. ZOMBIE

We went through to Liverpool on Friday evening to watch Bad Taste Barbies play at a screening of Bruce La Bruce's flick LA Zombie, hosted by our pals Chew Disco and the Abandon Normal Devices festival. We had a gay old time! Barbies were great as usual, and I enjoyed the doomy electro of headliners Severin. The less said about the film the better, but in a nutshell it's modern porn legend Francois Sagat wandering around LA in various shades of well-styled distress (and on-again/off-again green make-up and fake teeth) fucking models who are way too buff to be homeless with a weird blue-spunking, sweet-potato-shaped cock. That really is it. It's a porn movie with added (really bad) gore, supposedly meaningful lingering shots of Sagat and some very heavy handed metaphors. It was terrible, but we enjoyed the experience anyway! Here's the trailer, and some pics by Lisa Aspin:

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