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Friday, 29 October 2010


As I mentioned before, we are putting on a drag/vogue ball in Glasgow on Saturday, in association with Che Camille and Glasgay, called the "Fierce Ruling Diva's Ball". There has been a bit of a buzz about this event, and people are excited, but lots of them just don't know what voguing is or what you do at a ball. So, I have put together a post on the legendary "House Of Ninja", probably the world's premiere voguing family, over on the Menergy blog. I will spare you yet another epic un-cut post on LJ tonight, but it's definitely worth a read and a watch.

Menergy.tv "VOGUING - The House Of Ninja"

Now this doesn't take into account the drag aspects of a ball, just the dance side, and I will do another post on the drag element soon (or get Munter to do it instead). But this has really tapped into something in me - the music, the dancing, the sense of respect that voguing can give to kids that society casts out - it's all there and I feel it very strongly. It's going to have an effect on my future music, I can tell already.

In terms of my own role I am not going to be competing, instead I will be MCing (and maybe doing a small bit of live performing). I'm really excited because I LOVE the camp vogue-MCing style, and I shall be channeling the great Selvin Mizrahi from the House of Mizrahi. And of course I can't help but be influenced by Horse Meat Disco's legendary ball host Filthy Luka.

There is a fashion show on the night too, and guest DJ sets from Jon Pleased Wimmin and Graham Peel of Dolby Anol. It's shaping up to be a very special night indeed, in a fantastic location, with some fantastic folk already involved (Vanity von Glow, Lock Up Your Daughters, Illa Masqua make-up and more), and I have to admit I am a bit nervous! :-D


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