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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Menergy HEATHERS Spiel Part 2

From the Facebook event page, I am quite happy with this. :-)

Did you have a brain tumour for breakfast?

Does your teen angst bullshit have a body count?

But most of all, are you a Heather or are you a Veronica?
This September Menergy are killing off Lock Up Your Daughters in a fake suicide pact and bringing you a very special party - come join the Swatch dogs and diet Coke heads to celebrate the greatest high school film of all time!

It'll be very!

Residents Kid Zipper & The Niallist will be joined by special guest DJ TEAMY (Wrong Island, T&A), with a thermal-pack of Hi-NRG, Italo and disco downstairs, while mega-bitch Lady Munter hosts the petition to blow up the club - oops, we mean to get Big Fun to play! Meanwhile in the backroom Kurt & Ram AKA Spill will have more to offer than date rave and acid rock.

It's so '87.

Our damage is only £5, but if you can prove your name really is Heather then you can get in for free - it's better than boning away on your neighbour's swing set! So don't become a statistic in USA Today, lock your paws at the Flying Duck on Friday 17th September, doors open 11pm. Anyway, we better motor if we wanna get ready for that funeral...

MENERGY: http://www.menergy.tv/
TEAMY: http://soundcloud.com/teamy/
HEATHERS: http://heathersfilm.tripod.com/

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