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Thursday, 16 February 2012

Tranarchy on the Anything Goes Breakfast Show on ALL FM

The House of Tranarchy was kindly invited to guest on Fiona Ledgard's ANYTHING GOES Breakfast Show for ALL FM in Manchester. There's interviews with myself, Joyce, Paddy B and Miss Issy, and music by Prince, Missy Elliot, Sylvester, Amanda LePore and more. Check it out:

''Be yourself but times it by a THOUSAND...'' The Niallist

Tranarchy is a clubnight in Manchester in the queer hub of tunnels, big dark rooms, bondage gear and carpeted living rooms that is Legends. Tranarchy is inspired by the 8Os New York drag dance-offs and the film Paris Is Burning.

I interviewed 4 members of Tranarchy about what to expect at Legends tomorrow night; their influences; favourite outfits and I let them choose the music. I loved it!

I played 2 tracks from The Niallist's new album 'AKA' http://www.niallism.com

Bollox is kicking off upstairs in Legends and Tranarchy is downstairs.

Find out more: http://www.facebook.com/tranarchy

FIERCE quotations throughout this interview:
''We've all been called freaks in us lives...''
''Let's through down everything we are forced to be.''
''You know, the standard black lip..''
''Sheela Blige will be happy to be there.''
''The door to the house of Tranarchy is always open.''

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