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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Hard Ton @ Legendary Children (Vogue Fabrics)

Well, after what feels like many years of internet correspondence, I finally got to meet the amazing Hard Ton at a gig in London last weekend. Hard Ton was performing live, while producer Mauro Wawashi followed up with an excellent dj set of late 80s and early 90s classic house. The night HT was performing at is called Legendary Children (which has a great music policy of vogue and bitch house) and the venue was the awesome Vogue Fabrics, right in the heart of hipper-than-thou Dalston, with a ramshackle but still relaxed atmosphere that is very refreshing for East London. Both the venue and the club night come highly recommended!

If you want more info on Legendary Children, visit their blog, which is full of treats. Like this DJ set from Wawashi (Hard Ton), check it out!

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