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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tranarchy Presents Strip-A-Long Showgirls Instructional Video

It's TRANARCHY on Saturday, and the incredibly talented Midnight Growler has put together this little instructional video featuring dance moves for you to copy at our strip-a-long Showgirls screening:

We've put together a kick ass pre-show featuring a Goddess dance routine, a satellite link up with our sisters in San Francisco, live music from the Bad Taste Barbies and free cocaine sherbet to throw at the screen. We'll also be having a "thrusting it" competition for any budding Nomis who fancy coming on stage and showing off. There will be a special prize, plus the best whores dancers will walk away with a pair of these:

If you need more info, here's the Facebook page and here's my Tranarchy mix.
See you there darlin's!

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