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Friday, 3 December 2010

Blazin With Damien!

We went to see Fucked Up playing at the Kazamier in Liverpool on Wednesday night - one word: AMAZEBOLZ! We even got to blaze with Damien - he's lovely and he hugs like he means it. Man. If you ever get the chance to catch one of their shows, then do - I will too.

This was my first ever trip to Liverpool, and I saw Dane from the Invisibles (as he is now) coming out of a toilet in the Swan pub. I know it was him because he was wearing a mod-target jumper, and nobody else wears that, right?

On a related note, author Steven Blush is giving away 24 hours of American hardcore punk (1981-1986) for free on his website right now. That's 911 tracks of angry American people shouting and swearing. Go get it...

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