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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

BEN BUTLER & MOUSEPAD Future Tent (Niallist Diskotents Mixx)

Just finished off a remix for one of my favourite acts - Ben Butler & Mouse Pad. I have blogged about them before, as I have done a guest vocal on one of their tracks ("Infinite Capacity"), and am hopefully doing more.

The track is called "Future Tent" and I have put a disco spin on it, something akin to a Maurice Fulton production or something on one of the Norwegian house labels like Full Pupp or Smalltown Super Sounds. It's slightly more wonky than that though, and unfortunately wehn I sped the original up to house tempo some of the synths didn't sound right so I had to edit them. I find BB&MP's music to be so melodically rich that even keeping 50% of that intact is enough. It's why they are so good and why I like working with them! That and the synth sounds they use.

This remix will be part of an upcoming remix compilation of Ben Butler stuff, and the original of "Future Tent" is out now on 7" on the label dodpop. Here's the remix, and below a great picture of the band, though Joe seems to be missing?

BEN BUTLER & MOUSEPAD Future Tent (Niallist Diskotents Mixx) by theniallist

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